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I came (director and choreographer Anna Deltsova)


Music:Nino Katamadze - I came
Director and choreographer:Anna Deltsova (Jack`s Garret)
Animation and editing:Chausov Evgeniy (Jack`s Garret)
Dancers:Zanina Liza; Anna Deltsova; Kambur Svetlana; Shakirianova Dilyara; Postnikova Dariya; Kasyanenko Kristina; Kavtoreva Nastya; Ivanenko Oksana; Salnikova Galya.
  • Category : VIDEO
  • Year : 2015
  • Duration : 00:06:34
  • Posting : 2015. 05. 18

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Alexandru Miclos

Loved how you played with colors and space in the scene with the yarn , and the long hair on white ; i find the animation to be a little gimmicky ; i didn't like the brake dance influences in the choreography , they seemed a bit rushed , and on the go ;
The whole clip looks amazing great use of costumes and scenography
2016. 02. 27