Woman and phon

Woman and phon by Salvatore Matarazzo

Salvatore Matarazzo

Salvatore Matarazzo (Viareggio, 1980) is a contemporary street photographer, his research is characterized by very expressive portraits symbolizing the quirks and obsessions of our times. After attending photography classes was dedicated to journalism photography, publishing his photos of the most important national newspapers. Interested in the street life and public spaces, in his photography Salvatore committed the flash so instinctive and not authorized, he is very close to the people and the lights without alerting them, impressing in his photographs and expressions unique and unrepeatable moments. Street photography has always played a key role in the production of the Salvatore; initially as a way to document news reports, reportage and events. Until in 2012 he chose to leave the journalism to devote himself to a form of expression free from any kind of conditioning, and then follow only himself, his new point of view has led to various publications for the best magazines photographic, among these, ISP, Vieworld Photo Magazine, Street Photography Magazine, and Huffigton post. Matarazzo in 2013 became part of the italian collective photo inQuadra and then enters the international collective Elephant Gun. After several solo and group exhibitions in 2014 he published his first book "Carnival" a book dedicated to his hometown Viareggio, always in 2014 is selected among the finalists at the Miami Street Photography Festival, which has the final repeated in 2015. In the 2016 his project "Darwin Is Street" win the third prize at the TIFA Photo Awards, project that going in to exibition in Suwon, South Corea for the PASA FUTURA FESTIVAL, and in many others internationl gallery, like his project "Carnival" and "Street Photography Versilia". In the 2017 Matarazzo leave the collective Inquadra for enter in the international collective Full Frontal Flash