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Hypatia's fascination

Hypatia's fascination


This artwork is all about the knowledge of the universe. The muse is Hypatia, who lived in Alexandria around the year 371 – 415, the very first known woman to be a mathematician, philosopher and astrologist, a very strong icon for feminism in ancient times, right when the Christianity was taking territory. She wasn’t fighting dogma but she was more aligned to her own mission for knowledge. She thought that exploring the laws of physics and astrophysics and teaching other about them was more important than the role that society gave her as being a woman. She dedicated her life to study and teaching and agreed to die staying faithful to her own beliefs.
Old books describe her as being amazingly beautiful and considered her a VIRTUE.
"Hypatia's fascination" is a hyperbole representation. She lays on a piece of wood, above a blue sea, bowed on her back being amazed by the immensity of the sky which she is contemplating. The position of her body is representing her state of mind, feeling overwhelmed in front of the beauty of the stars that she is so curious about to study.
Stars are oversized spheres, very close to her eyes, symbolizing her high definition view of things in life, a particularity that every explorer has. The subtle halo surrounding the spheres are representing the birth of all universes, in vortex shapes.
The white line between the yellow lightened spheres are holding on to the message that in this Universe everything is connected. Cosmic life is all about inter connectivity, interdependence and relativity. Her body is painted in a realistic way because everything she is experiencing is translated trough human perception, but is not covered by a fabric because there is a mix in here between the realism and metaphysical and so she is covered with a delicate and ethereal white. Having the same plastic expression is also her hair, not realistically painted but more like a metaphor for an illuminated mind.
Placing everything above a dark blue sea in a surrealistic way features a higher state of consciousness above an unconscious /psychological perspective.

  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2016
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 120(W) x 120(H) x 3(D) cm
  • Materials : oil on canvas
  • Posting : 2017. 10. 16

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Famous fantastic work
2019. 12. 02

Soo Jin Lee

it gives a positive energy entirely
2018. 01. 22

Justin Washington

I can identify the harmony between the symbolic style, depressing contents and nostalgic atmosphere in this piece.
2018. 01. 04

Abhishek Naam Dhari

2017. 11. 09

Eduardo Mortensen

The artist aims for the authentic style in this artwork. Thus making its contents to be rather humanistic. Together it impacted the overall tone of this piece to be calm.
2017. 10. 31

Alina Buzatu

Serenity. Space. Openesss. When I see this painting I feel relaxed.
2017. 10. 21

Ana Andone

2017. 10. 19

Ioana Mello

What a daunting perception. Surreal work!
2017. 10. 19