Forest, real Forest 01

Forest, real Forest 01 by Yvette Yunyoung Choi - The work [forest real forest] works with both the background and the forest as oil paintings, and the unfolded forests and foreground trees are blended together and blended together to make them blunt and crumbly. I draw a picture of how they are tangled together and attached to each other and growing together. - painting, artstagesingapore, spring2018, SUMMER2018

Yvette Yunyoung Choi

Architect & Artist (ArtArchitect) I am Yvette Yun-young Choi, an architect since have work in a architectural studio last 10 years and an artist who draws a series of woods, not woods. I have drawn pictures of architectural design firms pushing aside traditional cities and creating a completely new one. As I have repeatedly witnessed the demolition and construction of cities and concrete structures, I have long enjoyed visiting the city's old towns and housing. What I saw through these urban explorations was an image of urban forest, artificial nature, struggling or living life with great difficulty, although it is contradictory and contradictory to me. The artificial nature and the natural environment that humans planted and made in the background were still repeated over the years, and the natural ecosystem had been lost, so the apartments had to be cut down and arranged in order to avoid disruption.