Hand of memory 02

Hand of memory 02 by Jimin Lim - Though it is an extremely trivial and private memory, can one say to oneself that it is the truth?

The uneasy emotions left inside me started looking for left over film photography, and I drew the photos that came to be as unfamiliar. Then, I followed my train of sight in order to find the reason as to why particular photos came to me as unfamiliar. Uneasiness from personal experiences shook my memory like so, and inside I tried to connect the remaining memories and emotions.

But as time passed, my memory was becoming faint and original emotions were gradually changing. Memories of that day which clear became fainter and the sadness that I thought would never go away did not continue. My current memories and emotions seemed to be neither one thing or another.

I tried not looking at the memories I remember, but following my train of sight. After cutting away the places that my sight touches, I call out certain moments cherished in my memory and allocate them.

The cut images (crop image) becomes a button that solves my ambiguous memories and emotions. The certain places that my sight touches are parts of the body and things surrounding it. I tried to pull out the cherished moments in my memories from that. Though begun from personal experiences (the absence of my father) and memories, now the images are drifting and leading to images inside other people's memories.

In changing emotions and short memories, I am finding from not only the photos that I have but photos that are of no relation to me. The image in the photo can be of moments of normal everyday life. But particular parts of that image seems to relate to a certain story left in my memory and becomes like it is implying a certain important meaning.
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Jimin Lim

Hello. I'm Jimin Lim, an artist from Korea. My work is inspired by the absence of my dad. After my dad passed away, I became extremely unstable, which made me often look through family photos with deep longing for the past. Unlike the dark time during my dad's fight against the disease, my family looked very happy in the photos. It seemed very familiar, yet distant. I interpret these moments into painting. I paint fragmented parts of the photos zoomed into people’s hands. Sometimes, through an absence, you feel the presence. Likewise, the cropped parts on canvas will stimulate your imagination even more.