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Life Stamp


Since Da Hyun Nam (as known as Diane Nam) started her art, she has experienced a lot of gratitude and a blessing in her eyes and from the small beginnings of the world. So she pictures the emotions that she experiences in her life, in the world, in the context of the society, the environment and the relationships. This is her desire to express herself in a canvas, not just a simple skill or technique, but also to express the colors that are her own spiritual concepts appear on the canvas. In addition, for her, the color of oil paints that are connected can be followed by the main ingredient for the artist’s own palette. So she constantly has been trying to create a diverse palette of her own, which is her emotions that are alive like seeds grow into blossom and bear fruits, and now she is trying to put in on the canvas. And so those bearing fruits turn many people lives in to living lives and sublimate themselves as happiness.
She considers that there is a limit to expressing large and diverse minds in a person's mind with simply canvas and brushes, and decided not to limit the expression method. This is expressed in the use of various materials, and there is something in common with the direction of contemporary art, which is constantly trying to express consensus among audiences who are irritated by the simplicity of art. As part of this direction, she was able to utilize the space of the canvas in various ways using the paper, the newspaper, and the hand rather than the brush. At the same time, she expressed her faith and hope in her life and death of all creatures she puts love deeply into her work.
Her work generally considers the life in nature such as 'flower', 'tree fruit', 'leaf', 'wing'. The circumstances inspire the conceptual image where she lives. Also, the main material of the emotional sculpture of the author thinks that there are three kinds of faith, hope, and love as the three primary colors of color. These abstract materials were thought to be difficult to form without the grand principle of nature and the vision of the Absolute behind it. She thinks that it is best to express the duality of beauty and weakness in expressing her own story, that is, the feeling of solidness, bravery, loneliness, and sadness that exist behind beauty. She saw that the expression of the object was not completely determined or limited, but that it could be optimized to express the diversity of the work by expressing it as a different object according to the feelings of she at the time of her experience.
The way of expressing the work is simply a method of applying the image to the canvas by tearing the newspaper. The expression of this method originated from the play technique which is unique to her, and the author judged that the work of tearing the newspaper is the best for the emotion of the moment experienced by her in melancholy and randomness. As the work is put on the canvas, images are superimposed in the form of radial spreading of colors and lines, and this is expressed in the image of 'flower'. Nevertheless, it was not merely intended to emphasize the image of flowers, but the process of designing the emotional fragments of her, which was merely an abstract while forming an abstract radial image by repeating superposition, it is said that it made me feel similar.
In the works to be shown in the future, she is trying to superimpose various objects and various images in detail, thereby amplifying the importance of invisible life and coloring many people's hearts in various colors. Furthermore, it is expected that the inherent color of her works will further expand the possibility of expressing invisible spiritual beauty.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2017
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 130(W) x 130(H) cm
  • Materials : oil on canvas
  • Posting : 2017. 10. 23

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