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Red Alert


For me Art is not only for Art’s Sake, in current scenario it’s also for Life’s Sake, for Environment’s Sake, for Human’s Sake, for Planet’s Sake. I do my art works from the heard reality. And reality experienced me and taught me how to fight against the crucial conditions. As an urban I very much habituated with the urban culture. But at the same time I deeply feel the scarcity of green, fresh air, silent corner, unpolluted and unpopulated Peaceful place. The condition make me terrified, make me worried about our future. It wants to grab my dreams, my planes and my greens. I can hear the lament of destruction. And I express my feelings through my artworks (Digital Art).
My mind is terrifically invaded by the present mechanical urban society. The concretes, the constructions, the bridges are increasing day by day. These wrap our mind like spider’s web and the green is became fade out. The society is very much busy to playing their favorite game show, “the Play of Destruction”. Where every day starts with a new oath and the oath is to find a new mode of destruction. They take promise to destroy biodiversity. They want to spread out concrete jungles. They agree to build unethical constructions. They want to fade out yield green fields. These wrap our mind like spider’s web and the green is became visible at roof top garden.
The sheer magnitude of population growth is an important variable affecting unbans environmental problems because it directly affects the spatial concentration of people, industry, commerce, vehicles, energy consumption, water use, waste generation and other environmental crisis. New constructions such as highrise buildings, multiplexes, bridges are located every part of the city, new roads are created also. There are full of carbon-dioxide coming from cars and factories, CFC produced by ACs, which are the causes of the abnormal growth of urban temperature. Unplanned constructional growth of urban areas trends to increase deforestation. Not only that the whole city is covered by mobile radars and towers’ radiation which effect birds, trees and human body also. We don’t think about our future.
In my works I like to create the play of devastation. I like to use cranes, junks, constructions as a symbol of urban mechanical society. And I like to use plane green field as my background but in toneless manner as the urban mechanism is ready to destruct the green. I always tone down the colours as we can’t see the real bright colours in our urban area. All colours are became fulvous for the presence of pollution.

  • Category : NEW_MEDIA
  • Year : 2017
  • Total Edition No : 5
  • Size : 30(W) x 24(H) inch
  • Materials : Inkjet Print on Archival Paper
  • Posting : 2017. 11. 05

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2017. 12. 07

Scott Anders

Hopefully your generation can see what the seeds we as the entire human race have done I feel deeply for you guys at the same time part of me says we deserve as a species to be eliminated all through my life time the answers were always there yet the innovation was never to take root for one overwhelming reason ....greed and my friend sadly the people who can make the biggest contributions are the very same that still pillage and rape this planet to line pockets are a shining light and offer a glimpse of hope ,keep on keeping on and never give up your art is beautiful way to send your message
2017. 12. 02