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La Tristesse Durera Toujours

La Tristesse Durera Toujours


This piece is my silly tribute to Van Gogh. I used one of his well-famed sunflower pieces as my reference, and basically just gave them all my face, because he was also pretty prolific at self-portraits. So, I made a self-portrait sunflower combo! Not terrifying at all.

The title is my cherry on top, since it's a quote of Vincent's, and for those who don't speak any french, it means 'The Sadness Will Last Forever'. I thought it was funny, pairing my silly face with a title like that.

Well, at least I make *me* laugh.

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  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2017
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 24(W) x 36(H) x 2(D) inch
  • Materials : Oil on canvas
  • Posting : 2018. 02. 19

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