About long waiting. Ann

About long waiting. Ann by Inna Mosina - About long waiting

...And it comes to be That the soothing light at the end of your tunnel Is just a freight train coming your way." Metallica song In this story series, the chairs symbolize the hopes. This Woman is waiting and waiting chained to the hopes. But, in the end, when she have lost the last one she is turning into another person, who became free and open for the future.

This photo is an book cover for Tracy Chevalier - À l'orée du verger! 

Limited edition 1 of 10

My Prints is printed on high giclee of quality with archival paper, signed by me on the reverse side and numbered,  - Dark, field, flower, girl, photography, red, redhead, russia, stay, surreal, winter

Inna Mosina

Inna Mosina is a Russian fine art photographer of 28 years old who was born in Kazakhstan, now lives and works in the city of Saratov, she graduated in law, but the call from art took her to a new path in which she is carried away by predilection for photography, showing right from her first experiences an innate ability to create images in the middle between the ethereal, dreamlike, fantastic, and the conceptual. The basis of my current creativity is reflection. With the help of photography, I look deep into myself. I am inspired by the themes of the soul, consciousness, acceptance, the place of man in our Earth and harmony. All these thoughts - reasoning are born in my photographs. I believe that every person is born happy, talented and kind. It is important to not forget about this later, but if you forgot, you must try to recollect it. I do not feel separation on the basis of gender, age, religion or nationality. I feel part and whole at the same time. My goal is to contribute to the world with the help of creativity. I am grateful to the Universe for its help in inspiration, for the wonderful people who surround me and for all the people who are now reading these lines. Love yourself and the world, and dream, dream until the dream comes true!