I am a Mexican artist, and I grew up in a bicultural environment, where I was motivated by the love for knowledge and research. Since I was little I had an interest in the arts, mainly painting and sculpture; but also for the music. I studied arts and music, and in adolescence I did theater, and there I found my first passion "stage design", an later on I decided to specialize in scenography and performing arts. My evolution as an artist, lies in my need to know more about the arts, which is why I have always experimented with materials, techniques and formats; and that led me decided to dedicate myself to work as an artist. Although I have a defined academic background; I can say that in fact I consider myself a self-taught artist, because much of what I do now, I have learned based on experimentation and research in different fields. My influences are within the architecture and structural engineering; reason why I admire the work of Saha Hadid, Norman Foster, Richard Meir, Renzo Piano among many others; and my work reflects a lot about these characters. But also I admire the simplicity and perfection of Carmen Herrera´s work. As a Mexican, I am influenced by the colors of the crafts of the different regions of my country; as well as the colonial architecture and the vast gastronomy that enriches the cultural heritage of Mexico. Everything together, is amalgamated and is represented in my work. Basically I define my work as abstract minimalism, however I also feel a lot of admiration and passion for abstract expressionism, which in essence touches my autochthonous side, so to speak.


  • PAINTING, 2018
  • Total Edition No. 1
  • 140(W) x 178(H) x 10(D) cm
  • MDF, Acrylic, painting, Ink, Spray paint.
  • Ships in a CRATE

Peyote seed belongs to the series "happy world" which I left unfinished because I did not have the material and the foundations that could inspire me. After three years, I continue with this series, through a project of less elaborate figures, and fine in their strokes, and although the theme remains the same, the concept evolved into clearer and more complete characters in its composition and colors. After having gone through NODOS, happy world becomes more meaningful, because I am in the transition from hyperdimensionality to two-dimensionality but seen from a deeper aspect, which is contrasted with bright and radiant colors, just like the Peyote experience.

2018. 04. 10

I have to say that the style is quite distinct but the provocative contents seems to deviate slightly away from the style or the mysterious atmosphere of the artwork.

2018. 04. 14