The Subject matter that determines my work is geometry and its many representations. My theoretical foundation lies in architecture, especially modernism and The BAUHAUS school, as well as deconstructivism. I admire the rigorous vision of the detail of Le Corbusier, the ingenuity and creative expertise of Charls & Ray Eames, the precision and audacity of Saha Hadid, the exceptional creative sensibility of Jaime Hayon and the simplicity and plastic depth of Carmen Herrea. I have special interest in the experimentation and use of alternative materials, so I commonly make my own mixtures between acrylics, polymers, inks and spray paint; but also natural pigments; as for the execution, I use the labeling technique, and freehand for the detailing. The most common means I use, are canvas, MDF panels and latex sheets. My source of inspiration is "design", manifested in textiles, automotive, furniture, architecture and even urbanism; however, the aspect that will always be present in my work; is the "Syncretism" that offers the richness of colors, the mystical background and the aesthetics of popular art of the hundreds of ethnic groups that exist in my country, which are still present within our language of popular expression. On the other hand, I hope that my work produces emotional rather than intellectual reactions, and propitiates a discourse on the importance of touching the human spirit, and thereby stop intellectualizing art. I place my work, as a result of the changes and ruptures that marked the 20th century, which manifets the transition from conservatism to liberalism; and of the rebellion against the establishment, towards the opening to the knowledge and use of the science and development of the technology as a fundamental tool for the better favor of the human manifestation.