Changing Spaces and Time

Changing Spaces and Time by Carol Anne Jones - This artwork is part of a series called "a gap in time" which were shown in an exhibition at Chester University’s (UK) Contemporary exhibition space (November 2014).  .The series originated when I photo documented the surface qualities of many aged, distressed walls located in the Chinatown area of Bangkok which I related to Archaeology, the study of our ancestral roots in relation to our current place in time.  I then experimented with these notions by visually constructing a simple series of framed narratives comprised of layered imagery and movement to articulate time, using the traditional techniques of mono printing and contemporary techniques in digital photographic manipulation.  This led me to investigate how humans physically and psychologically experience time when moving at advanced speeds using the advanced technology of flight.  Central to the inquiry was how a disrupted and a distorted sense of time due to high speeds, varied exposure to dark, light and sleep wake cycles, affects lives.   I drew on specific professional expertise as part of the creative process, working with a local community of commercial long haul pilots to gather data and knowledge. After analyzing the qualitative data in the form of electronic questionnaires and photo diaries, I visually constructed many loose mixed media collages to bridge the text and visual, resulting in photographic composites of staged performances within imagined environments.  

Photography is a medium I’d wanted to work in for some time.  The photo based responses at the exhibition were accompanied by projected text and imagery with appropriated sound.  The intention was to heighten the audience’s relationship between internal and external space, and to immerse and connect with. 

This print is part of a suite of 13 outcomes.  It is a signed and numbered limited edition, Giclee print on archival paper (museum etching) accompanied with a signed certificate of authenticity.

Limited edition of 50 prints. - airtravel, analysis, aviation, circadianclock, digital, dilation, neurological, orientation, photography, pilot, semiotic, space, spacial, temporality, time

Carol Anne Jones

Carol Anne Jones is a English Visual Artist and Photographer whose work centers on people and their construction of concepts of time, place and space. Influenced by text, video and imagery of both our local and globalized environments, she presents her work in series format to convey, a sense of narrative and ever-evolving relationship from one body of work to another. Carol Anne’s approach to the creative process is investigative using evidence based research and data collection. Although she predominantly works in photography, paint and print, she chooses her media based on her responses resulting from research conclusions. Trained in painting and printing at University of Leeds, she holds a Master of Creative Practices from University of Chester, 2014. In 2011, having taught Visual Art for some years, she reengaged with her own practice and began exhibiting her work, including group shows at the Crocus Gallery, Nottingham, St. Mary’s Centre, Chester and Contemporary Art Space, Chester, United Kingdom.