The inner instincts of a rooster


Hi. My name is jihae Good luck Selling the interior paintings of points and prevention items in a rich space. Though I am an amateur painter, I have a bigger dream than anyone else when it comes to my dreams and passion. I hope that everyone who sees I pursue splendid color by specializing in the abstract paintings of Buddhist paintings and drawings from the acrylic animal paintings. paintings will be healthy and fortunate. I hope the bad luck goes away and luck comes in. I hope that every amateur painter will make himself known in the world. Good luck wish will come looking for you too......

The inner instincts of a rooster

  • PAINTING, 2018
  • Total Edition No. 17
  • 65(W) x 50(H) x 5(D) cm
  • acrylic on canvas
  • Ships in a BOX

Expressed the inner instinct of a rooster
Feeling the energy of dawn, the rooster expressed in silver what he did first.
Light Green Cocker
Blue and red are the instinctive passions of the rooster.
Yellow is the bright color of a rooster and
It was yellow and showed the overwhelming energy of the rooster.

Point frame, at the entrance to the main entrance below.

Acrylic painting
Size 65 × 50

2018. 05. 09