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The Sea, The Sky

The Sea, The Sky


Minimal abstract acrylic painting in blue.

Inspired by Yves Klein 'Blue has no dimensions, it is beyond dimensions, whereas the other colours are not..All colours arouse specific associative ideas, psychologically material or tangible, while blue suggests at most the sea and sky, and they, after all, are in actual, visible nature what is most abstract.'

Framed, black wood edge. Ready to hang.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2018
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 34(W) x 45(H) x 2(D) cm
  • Materials : Acrylic on canvas, isolation coat, varnished
  • Posting : 2018. 07. 24

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kim bh

So neautiful artwork~
2018. 10. 29

Kwanki Oh

This obscure style of artwork is created to communicate dramatic contents bringing out the deep feeling overall.
2018. 09. 14


2018. 08. 23