ruhm.hirs by David Ronce - In my paintings and drawings I present a unique artistic world that incarnates a kind of fantasy that lays the foundations for questioning.

For me, a kind of mythic consciousness is present in my imagery and poetic expression and can lead to a greater awareness of the psyche, the inner world, the unconscious.

The titles of my drawings are created via a ‘random choice of letters process’ of my design, to create ‘pseudo-word combinations’, so as not to influence the viewer’s first impression/ interpretation with a logical word title.

A few artists who have inspired/ influenced me in my work include, Marcel Duchamp, John Cage, Edgar Varese, Jackson Pollack, Anselm Kiefer, Mozart, Gerhard Richter. Claire Denis, and  Jean-Luc Godard.

'ruhm.hirs' is ready to frame; a light matte finish (fixed protective varnish) has been applied to the surface; it is signed, titled and dated on back side (unless noted otherwise). - drawing, contemporary, abstract, subconscious, original, cool, cosmic, futuristic, instinctual, positive, spiritual, art, occult, BBuzzShowSeoul

David Ronce

I was born in the USA; grew up in Michigan and California; studied painting, performance and film at the University of California, San Diego (B.A. Visual Arts; and completed all graduate coursework for M.A. Film at San Francisco State University. As a young boy, I remember making my first drawing of a bird in flight, burning and covered in orange and red flames. Symbolic of my early childhood I suppose. Later I made more drawings and paintings, mostly representational, of the things and people around me, then, eventually moved completely towards my/ the subconscious for images-ideas of expressive abstraction. Before moving to Brasil five years ago, I exhibited my paintings, drawings, and films in galleries and festivals in California, Washington, Michigan and New York. In Florianopolis, where I now live, I teach workshops on painting and drawing using intuitive techniques, and have had several exhibitions of my paintings and drawings (individual and group in Florianopolis and Rio do Sul).