Blood moon earth shadow

Blood moon earth shadow by ole teigen

ole teigen

Born in Norway 1981. Fell in love with art at an early age and have been working on my own art through writing, music and visual expressions since. Images are sometimes like stories that I have to tell. The inspiration for them can be instant like from a dream when I wake up or something that pops into my inner view during meditation, or it can be more of a mental structure of ideas that I need to find the form or image of. I carry ideas around sometimes for years before the time is right to make them real. Early on I felt the white canvas to be a threatening enemy and that I had to fight it violently to save my inspired ideas. Now I love the smell and feel of oilpaint on brushes and canvas and I play with many kinds of mediums. I play with form and colour for fun and work hard to perfect my ideas with passion.