rastlos by crisalide d’aria - Rastlos is an Experiment of life panting in less then 30 minutes. And is saying somenthing about my inability to stay calm. - painting

crisalide d’aria

A mother, a dreamer, sober, who prays, who loves, who paints. Because of God. Actually I had other plan of my life. I wanted to be a journalist, to be a wife of a doctor, to live in my home country, Italy, as a middle class succesfull woman. Nothing went as I hoped. I had to cope with a divorce, with the illness and the death of my father, and the fact that I did not like to write news articles.
Indeed I like to paint. Watercolor, acrylic, Oil. I love Pictures, collage and colours.
I move to Berlin in 2012 from Italy and I started to paint. My subjectes were at the beginning women with any sort of pains: moral, phisical, spiritual ones. The women of Schiele and Munch were my inspirations. 
in 2016 after the death of my father I became mother. In 2018 mother for the second time. 
The paper and the watercolor left place to the canvas and to the acrylic. The dark to the light, the pain to the hope.
The rest is a no written story.