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Human relationship itself is essence of human being. The conscious, ‘I’ can only establish its existence through interrelation with others and the characteristics of individuals are determined, however indirectly, by the being of others. Thus there is no truly ‘unique’ personality; a human being is a composition made up of others. The being, ‘I’, is not a fixed entity, but rather an ever-changing one which is re-formed continuously as relationship expands its boundaries; it should be comprehended as a compound of plural concepts embodying an interrelation of ‘I’ and ‘others’.

In a series of “Composition”, I am trying to represent the essence of humanity based on the human relationship through the metaphor of 'door'. The fundamental contradiction of the 'door' that opens and closes on the assumption of 'separation' is connected to the feature of human being that communicate with each other premised on understanding of ‘difference’. It is the paradox about the way human being exists, but it is the way they relate to one another. In a series of works, I use the images of 'door' found in my everyday life as a pixel, unit of visual language. The division and integration of space through the repetition and arrangement of the 'doors' appearing in my work indicate the paradox of human existence that coexist through 'separation', which is replacing the relationship between 'I' and 'you' with those of 'here' and 'there'. It is an attempt to visualize the interrelation between self and others through the composition of physical objects and the relative dimension they imply.

  • Category : NEW_MEDIA
  • Year : 2015
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 114(W) x 114(H) cm
  • Materials : Photograph, Digital Work on Face Mounted Acrylic
  • Posting : 2016. 01. 07

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Very bad painting . What is this ? This is not for 5000 dollars only for 0.5 dollars
2018. 04. 08

Denise Clarke

This art has abstract style with bold contents. It is completed with calm atmosphere.
2018. 03. 27

Agisae Kim

The style of this piece is quite delicate. I like the mythical contents stimulating the amusing mood.u
2018. 03. 09

Matt Holten

The style of this work of art is genuinely elegant with sensual contents. On the contrary, the atmosphere is very provoking.
2018. 01. 04

Jaime Weinrich

2017. 03. 07

BBuzzArt Curated

The delicate style harmonizes well with the conceptual contents creating an art that induces void feeling from the viewer.
2016. 04. 21

Murtada Almazini

At a glance, this painting has the delicate style with its candid contents. The overall atmosphere is lively.
2016. 01. 28

Patricia Villarroel

The graphic style and its humane contents completes overall tranquil atmosphere.
2016. 01. 21

محمد الزمان

2016. 01. 21

محمد الزمان

2016. 01. 21

محمد الزمان

2016. 01. 21

كاظم ناصر

2016. 01. 21

ابو أزل

2016. 01. 21

محمود عزوز

2016. 01. 21

Acuña Marisel

I like the figurative style of this artwork combined with rather outrageous contents leading to create relaxed atmosphere.
2016. 01. 20