A spanish carnival

A spanish carnival by Odinakachi Kingsley Okoroafor

Odinakachi Kingsley Okoroafor

i am a digital artist, a painter and an art teacher. i love colour!!! i love experimenting with various material. art statrted for me out of jealousy. in an attempt to dislodge one of my classmate who became popular because of his drawings, i ventured into drawing. afterwards i found out that am good with it and i love it as well, so my art started. i love unconvetionality...so i love deconstruction!! for me, art starts where nature stops--that is my main inspiration! art is neither truth or lie--it is the thin line between the two. i believe in abstraction, surealism, dadaism--and most of all i believe that i am an artist. for me the latter is the most important!!