Mind-Reader by Nora Bilderwelten

Nora Bilderwelten

Expressions, emotions and feelings, thoughts and gestures - Portrait. My passion for portrait refers to this depth of the human being. It is a beautiful and mysterious challenge for me and towards the inside of oneself. You can not ignore the gesture and the expression because it is a way of how we communicate. It is impossible to ignore it. I like the idea that there are still people who know how to contemplate art, who dare to enter the mysterious world of the creator, who feel free to interpret what moved the artist. Key elements of my works are identity, philosophy, emotions, dreams and love. Everything I create is the result of a miscellany drawn from an existential quest, which is increasingly conscious of my inner self, my being, my experiences and that is what I want to convey through my creativity. The artistic work is concentrated around the portrait, the questions related to the appearance of the face and the related context. I find my inspiration in philosophy, music or other artists, dream filled works with textures and magic, love for aesthetics and beauty, never leaving aside the complexity and conceptual depth. It´s an investigation into a deeper and more hidden human layer. An intimate and personal work. If a piece speaks to the viewer emotionally, my creative experience is completed on an even deeper level. My wish is to create art that is alive, that is beautiful and expressive, lighthearted and full of rhythm, or sometimes dark and deeply mysterious. I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I did creating them.