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About the anxiety I caught around. Related to current events, for example, scattered in the social media universe. People seem to have reason to always be curious about what is experienced, or who has other self-afflictions. Especially about everything that smells bad about someone. Certainly it will be a trending topic on social media,with hashtag (#) the most gossiper, and shared by people. Although I rolled out of my work in the canvas with a fairly simple and paradoxical. with a young figure "eavesdroping" through a can of instant food that is taped tightly to the left ear. Regarding how valuable the time GOD give us, everyday, every hour, every minute, and every second. Then we will just spend all of it to lurk other selves around us, and we go along to record everything that smells unpleasant? then we look for a gap to blame it, drop it? I want to invite us to go back to see ourselves, see our shortcomings, and of course the next thing we have to do is see the strength of others around us. Not seeing the shortcomings.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2018
  • Total Edition No : 0
  • Size : 90(W) x 100(H) x 5(D) cm
  • Materials : Acrylic on Canvas
  • Method of packing : Ships in a BOX
  • Posting : 2018. 11. 05


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A.M. dante

Thank u 🙏🙏🙏🙏 @MICHEL Roumy
2018. 11. 06


Interesting artwork and I love the idea how you paint your artworks !
2018. 11. 06