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green with envy

green with envy


Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

orange, green and shimmering copper flowing over black. This piece is full of details and small coincidences.
It represents the inner cnflicts when dealing with envy and admiration.
It is painted with acrylics and metalpaint on canvas. Small but full of energy, it would look gorgeous in a busy environment.

The art of painting with fluid acrylics is very fragile and hard to control. Randomness and the character of each paint are always part of the process and can be seen in the finished work. Nothing can be recreated, as every piece is just a preserved moment in time.
Every piece has to dry for at least 2 days. This is the most fragile part, as it can be destroyed even by the smallest things like dust. The whole painting can just flow from the canvas, when it is not laying flat at that point.

With this technique i conserve short moments of my inner, ever flowing world. For me it is like taking screenshot of my inner being and bringing this outside, so that others can identify and connect with it.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2018
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 18(W) x 24(H) x 2(D) cm
  • Materials : canvas, acrylic paint, varnish
  • Method of packing : Ships in a BOX
  • Posting : 2018. 12. 09


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