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This is the name of God as read,, spoken and written in the language of Angellian. This single glyph, however, is the fundamental form of the tetragrammaton. I wish to draw the highest form of YHWH but it will take a little time, for the composition of the name of God in its exhausted form of Angellian is extremely poetic. All the same, I hope you enjoy my work, thus far. I have a plethora more. Lastly, each christian name or surname is utterly unique in the language of Angellian. For example, two individuals with the last name "Jones" would have that surname written differently for both; yet both are equally distinguishable and readable as "Jones".
  • Category : OTHERS
  • Year : 2018
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 8.5(W) x 11(H) inch
  • Materials : Black calligraphy ink on white bleached paper.
  • Posting : 2019. 05. 12

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