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The Cat 2018


The most spectacular painting creator is the ultimate purpose of visual art which I express and perform.
I use ’Swarovski Crystals’ and metals as the material of expression.
The crystal is a third-dimensional material that could express light with light, and the metal base is used to increase brilliant presence.
The head of my expression is the detailed finishing.
The cool and sharp texture of metal increases the beauty and value of the gorgeous crystals.
The metal base is the beauty of exquisite formation under the circumstance of the pinnacle of luxury in the crystal.
  • Category : OTHERS
  • Year : 2018
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 90(W) x 90(H) x 5(D) cm
  • Materials : Swarovski Crystals, Stainless Steel
  • Method of packing : Ships in a CRATE
  • Framed : Frames included
  • Posting : 2020. 08. 02


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