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"Imprisoned Speech"

"Imprisoned Speech"



" Trillions of unspoken words of wisdom; got buried for Decades
Billions of words; getting locked up on a daily basis, for no Reasons
Millions of words; still dying unspoken, Not retained, regained or Remade
Union of unspoken words Can come together to break these dark prisons,
Here You are; Tormenting but silenced by the depths of Fear
Here You are; Not knowing if your turn is Near
Here You are; Smiling but shedding quiet Tears
How Long shall you pretend to smile With your speech Imprisoned?

You don't have to say you can make a Change
You only Have to change; the thoughts of the brain that'll make the Change
But Sayings of making a change; You don't even think of
But Sayings of enticing Luxury is all you ever Dream of
But now think; How do you feel dreaming big; unrealistically with your speech Imprisoned?
When you sleep you can hear yourself Screaming; How would your voice come out loud and clear with your speech Imprisoned?

You got your Ass wiped for no reason; You can't Speak
You saw some parts of you murdered in the streets; You can't speak
You were asked to seize your own breathe; You got it Seized
You even seen yourself dying within your dreams; You can't Sleep, But still you can't Speak
It might take just a word to get the spell Broken; The doors shall be Opened
For anyone to hear you Clearly; A word must be spoken; But How do you expect the Magic to happen with your speech Imprisoned?

Now; know you have nothing left than to spit out the words; That'll save the Next, Wether you live or not
Now; Know your worth, Kill the fear of the unknown you've got
Now; Know you never gonna last longer than what you'll keep on Earth
Now; Cut off your Ego, Cut off your Fear of Death
Cause Voices of the dead parts of you already screaming,
Now Listen; 'How many more of you-s have to die with your speech Imprisoned?'

Open Your Mouth; Speak for not just your freedom of Speech but for you too
Open Your Mouth; Teach the Next Generation of what you've been through
Open your Mouth; Preach, your words shall be heard loudly, Don't be a Fool
Open your Mouth; Increase the Volumes of these words to be heard Too
There aren't nothing other than the depths of fear; Covering, blocking and Locking your Lips, Get rid of it,
Take it off your Lips; Your voice shall be heard, Your Words are the Truth and the Root; Your dreams need to come true with Your speech Released"

...This is for the Masses, Both Higher and Lower Classes; FREEDOM OF SPEECH prevents mental and physical illness

(Mixed Media On a Black Paper)
SIZE: 13 X 17 inches
TIME: 67 Hours
POETRY: George Troy
ART BY: George Troy
REFERENCE PHOTO: Pinterest's Photography
CONCEPT: Mike James
SERIES: Reality Of Agony
  • Category : DRAWING
  • Year : 2021
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 13(W) x 17(H) x 1(D) inch
  • Materials : Colored pencils on Black paper
  • Method of packing : Ships in a CRATE
  • Posting : 2022. 03. 27


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