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Debris 02


I'm attracted to things that don't talk.

They are quiet, frightening, still and stationary, but seem to exist on their own.
It seems to be a kind of story, and it is noisy with no words.
Choosing them is like an unexpressed instinct, where there is no active exchange of homogeneity or compassion. But it's just a long-term observation of the object of the silentIf you look at it, you often find me in it.

This stone series is really loud and silent. Facing the wreckage, I faced my mess. I felt like all kinds of negative words were scattered and passed quickly around me. They were mainly rebukes of 'me in a possible state'.
I used to make things constantly in the belief that I would become a very decent person over time. I chose these actions only because they are socially stable or have no vague guarantees for the future, but they have to do it now. When viewed from a distance, the view may be a legitimate belief to judge that it seems possible, whether it is someone else or oneself.
The wreckage was subject to rebuke, condemnation, and warning against myself who seemed likely to be intoxicated with this legitimate belief. At the same time, it is also a visual scene that represents it, which may have wanted to believe that it was a vain hope.
Where the darkness hangs, corners that I don't want to see, where the light shines and the shape is fully revealed, are the parts that I want to see only. This may be due to the avoidance tendency that exists at my base.
However, this is not to criticize the optimistic attitude toward the future of the viewers. Rather, I want to tell you that I believe you know only if there is a better debris, or a well-stacked wall, that you don't give up and look into the rubble, because I'm honest about the ephemerality of my moments.

나는 말이 없는 것들에 끌린다.

그들은 조용하고 공포스럽고 고요하며 정지되어 있으나 스스로 존재하는 것처럼 보인다. 일종의 이야기를 하는 것처럼 보이기도 하며 되려 말이 없음에 시끄럽기까지 하다. 그들을 오랜시간 관조하고 있다보면 그 속에서 나를 발견하는 경우가 많다.

이번 돌 시리즈는 정말 시끄럽게 떠드는, 말 없는 것들이다. 잔해들을 마주하면서 나의 번잡스러움을 발견했다. 온갖 부정적인 단어들이 뿔뿔이 흩어져 내 주위를 빠르게 스쳐지나가는 느낌이었다. 그것들은 주로 ‘가능성이 있는 상태의 나’에 대한 질책이었다.

잔해들은 이같은 정당한 믿음에 취해있는, 가능성 있어 보이는 나 자신에 대한 질책과 비난, 경고를 주는 대상이되었다. 동시에 그렇게 무너져내린, 헛된 희망이라고 믿고 싶어하는 것일지도 모르는 그것을 표상하는 시각적 정경이기도 하다.

그렇다고 해서 보는 이들이 지닌 미래에 대한 낙관주의적인 태도를 비판하고자 함은 아니다. 오히려 내가 지닌 순간들의 덧없음을 진솔히 드러냄으로써, 이런 나라도 그래도 계속한다, 때문에 당신께서도 포기하지 말고 잔해들을 찬찬히 들여다보라, 어쩌면 더 나은 잔해, 아니 잘 쌓아올린 성벽이 있을지는 당신만이 알것이라고 믿는다고 얘기하고싶다.
  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2022
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 116(W) x 91(H) x 2(D) cm
  • Materials : oil on canvas
  • Posting : 2022. 07. 13

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