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If you meet the Budda on the road Shoot him ;)

If you meet the Budda on the road Shoot him ;)


Bombing of Buddha in Kabul
a poetic
for inspiration
  • Category : NEW_MEDIA
  • Year : 2016
  • Total Edition No : 3
  • Posting : 2016. 01. 25

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Graphix Warrior

The abstract style, symbolic contents and compassionate atmosphere. Altogether creating an interesting piece!
2016. 05. 01

Graphix Warrior

I like the abstract style with contents that are quite illusory. This artwork is inducing the tranquil emotion.
2016. 05. 01

Clara Shin

Congrats! This original work is being featured at BBuzzArt Facebook page.
2016. 04. 19

Ananda Jaisingh

She is a very talented artiste
2016. 02. 04

Graphix Warrior

No illusions
Let go
2016. 01. 31

Graphix Warrior

this Image is manipulated
like our world
when they bombed the Buddha
he does not want for u to think
he is BOSS
or not Boss
get this

he does not care :)
2016. 01. 26

Graphix Warrior

an illusion
de conclusion

when they de mystifyied
the beautiful Buddha in Kabul

his face
he smiled

lovingly through the

born free
2016. 01. 26