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Memories of The Lost Soul

Memories of The Lost Soul


About the Art:
A person should experience nothingness to appreciate the small things that he/she had in the past. A lot was lost, a lot was sacrificed but nothing was earned.
Creator's Influence:
"Behind every smile"
We smile for a cause. Some smile for
a living. Some smile because they need to.
I, I smile simply because I am hoping that with this simple smile of mine I can somehow ease the pain that she is into right now. But every time I smile, every time I stretch my cheeks, show off my teeth & hide my eyes for her, I die. Her smiles breaks my heart, her every laugh makes my insides bleed .
But she can't see it, I don't want her to see it.
Maybe Happiness isn't really a real thing, maybe happiness was made just to accompany the lone word "sadness". Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. I honestly don't want to be happy. Because once happiness strikes on you, you will have something to lose. Sadness cloaked my entire being, and that'll never change, it will never change. They say Love can explain the real meaning of the word "happiness". But love for me is a deception that hinders your capability to see reality, it is a sudden stop of sadness, a temporary and a fickle thing.
ryle ramirez

  • Category : PAINTING
  • Year : 2016
  • Total Edition No : 1
  • Size : 11(W) x 14(H) inch
  • Posting : 2016. 01. 29

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This artwork’s strong feeling is intensified by its extravagant style and outrageous contents.
2016. 06. 29


The colors are vibrant. I love the flattening of the space to create a kind of shallow texture. Very dynamic!
2016. 05. 19

R. Ramirez

Thank you for your kind and great comments guys, I really appreciated it. This kinds of feedbacks urges me to continue pursuing on this career. Thank you.
2016. 02. 10

Edimar Paclibar

sometimes what other see on us outside doesnt really reflects whats inside it..
2016. 02. 09

Roel Perales III

Nice... I can feel the emotions being expressed by the drawing. Besides the strokes are great, the painting looks deep. Smile lang gyud bro, support ra mi nimu. Maok ra nang tanan. :)
2016. 02. 08

Adam Red

It's like a child's drawing. However due to the color and brushstrokes I liked it
2016. 02. 08